Wednesday, June 1, 2016

gaining momentum now

Ruby joined our family in February, and in a week she will be 4 months old.
It isn't possible that a sweeter child exists, and we are all so grateful she joined our lives. She seems pretty happy to be here too.
Needless to say, there has been a natural break from painting - not to mention blogging.

I am slowly gaining momentum now, however. The older children are out of school for the summer so my efforts have been directed toward early mornings and late nights.

In April I was able to send FW Gallery a few new pieces on paper- all small works. Sizes starting at 3" x 5". I enjoy working on paper. It has such a different feel to it than canvas or masonite. But I find I prefer it only when it comes to small work.

Forum 35's Art Melt is coming up and I am putting the finishing touches on a piece I hope to have shown there.

Will post it as soon as it is ready.



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