Monday, August 31, 2015

so much

So much has happened this summer, blogging became almost the very last thing on my list of things to do. Reorganizing my filing cabinet might have been lower on the list. But I am back.

First, we are expecting a baby in February 2016!! We are all so excited.

Not a lot of painting happened over the summer, as I was in bed for most of it. I actually went to the gym this morning. It was the first time I'd been there since the beginning of June when I started feeling so sick. We will find out the gender in a few weeks.

I had a great show at the Frameworks Gallery in Baton Rouge in May. Everyone that attended was so warm and interesting. Thank you to everyone at Frameworks for such a wonderful introduction to the great city of Baton Rouge.
Me and Steve Schmidt on opening night

Around the same time as this show I became the recipient of a WORKS IN PROGRESS GRANT. I am so grateful for this opportunity. The grant is going to help me produce a new series of work that I hope to show nationally.

SO, with energy and strength and health returning to me, I will be posting more from the studio in the coming weeks and days.


  1. I loved reading this year's posts - and that's very exciting - #5 and the art gallery shows. I like how you post both on your blog and I like to see the paintings head on so I can see them better. :)


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