Thursday, January 29, 2015

McGyver skills

Yesterday I spent most of the day putting the final touches on a few paintings and started wrapping and labeling them for delivery. I am feeling happy and confident that WAM is going to turn out nicely.

A while back, I had a problem that I. COULD. NOT. SOLVE.
I am no life hack guru, but I do consider myself somewhat of a McGyver. I can fix a broken bra fastener with super glue and a little baking soda, repair the messed up radio knob in the car with a scrap of paper and keep all the hair out of my daughter's face with a small branch.
This one had me stumpped though.
I was painting on these little mounted boards (I talk a little about them HERE) and couldn't figure out how to get them to hang flush against the wall. 

Using traditional hanging wire like this, whether it was set far back in the recess of the painting or not, would not work. I feel like I tried everything. Things got wacky when I was criss-crossing the wires but no matter what I did, the painting kept falling away from the wall:

I am not one to give up easily. Maybe it was the weather, or maybe the laundry in the back of my mind was piled WAY too high, but what ever the reason, my frustration got the best of me and I set it aside. For MONTHS. 

Eventually, the situation really needed solving and I turned to my engineer husband. He is an especially useful resource in situations like this, and I still can't figure out whay I didn't turn to him sooner. I explained the problem and how I wanted it to hang flush. He asked, "Do you have to use hanging wire?" I said, "No" and within fifteen minutes he had this:

So. So. Simple.
And when you use these OOK hooks, it not only sits flush against the wall, it actually SNAPS TO THE WALL. Thanks to your superior McGyver skills, Niel, these little guys aren't going anywhere. 

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  1. Good solve to an age old problem for Artists everywhere! We feel your struggle and applaud you!!! Good luck with the pregnancy and new baby!!! We love your work and cannot wait to see more. Tweet us when you have another showing in Baton Rouge. -Thanks
    On Twitter @ricky1rt


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