Tuesday, January 27, 2015

tents and swirly chairs

I have been asked many times: "How do you do it with four children?"
Many responses ensue.
"It gets pretty busy around here."
"The same as other people, I guess."
"Hang on to your hats, boys and girls! It's going to be a crazy ride!!"
And the nuclear answer:
"Oh? I have FOUR!?!"

Two weeks ago we sat down as a family and looked at the calendar. Those upcoming weeks were so jammed full of trips and deadlines and appointments and social studies projects.... we all had to get on the same page.
So during this meeting, we marked off what is now this last Saturday as a "mom-lock-herself-in-her studio-day". It was going to be the last real day I could paint for the work I wanted included in the upcoming show at 1800 Prime.
--then Niel was called away--
Important business.
I had already called a "no media day", so you can only imagine my pleasure when the children got to playing-- with each other--

(He is happier than he looks...promise.)

When at one point they all ended up IN the studio with me (I don't really lock the door when I am the only parental unit available), and all it took to get them back to the task of entertaining themselves was to move the twisty chair our from behind my desk and out into the living room.

So the real answer: How I "do it" is that I have pretty wonderful children.

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