Tuesday, January 20, 2015

business cards

The last couple of days the children have been out of school and will be out tomorrow too. Reminds me of summertime- not a lot of painting gets done, but we have a lot of fun. Although today's "fun" included my oldest falling off the monkey bars at the park and busting up her face. (No need for too much alarm...she's ok.)

On a brighter note, the business cards I ordered last week arrived today. 

In the last six years I have gone through several different designs. The evolution has brought me to this (you can see the back side of the card in the background):

I really could not be more pleased with the way these turned out. I have used different printing companies in the past and returned to one I'd once used previously: My decision was based mostly on price. That and the fact they had come out with a thicker card. 
The 24pt TriFecta card has a fabulous silky feel to it and I found that it equaled the quality of the Luxe cards that Moo introduced to the marketing world several years ago. 

So thank you GotPrint, for delivering some amazing (and reasonably priced!) business cards to my doorstep today. I love them.

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