Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Two weeks into the show and I am still receiving pleasantly surprising texts of admiration. Thank you to all who came out to support and all who wanted to but couldn't. 

Purchase inquiries can be made at calling the director of NCLACJessica Slaughter at (318) 255-1450 or by e-mail:

Here is a little bit about the project:

I recently investigated a call for entries for show in Chicago. It advertised to its applicants “the inventive use of materials to express challenging concepts”. I thought, “Well, that’s not me.” I use oil in a traditional, not inventive way and I do not address challenging concepts. So naturally, I didn't apply. Then, on a separate occasion I heard a colleague of mine say, “I don’t do pretty pictures, if you want pretty pictures, go to Wal-Mart.” That statement repulsed me in a way. I thought, “OH NO! Do I paint pretty pictures?”
 I also recently spent year without painting.That is a brutal confession. And no artist wants to make it.

 Of course I have my excuses. Who wouldn't after showing such a long display of inconsistency, and apparent lack of discipline and commitment? The surprising thing is that the break was calculated and intentional. And my excuses all dealt with various levels of domesticity. (Closing my studio downtown and building a house being the major directing forces of that decision.) 

In preparing for SQUARED I had a difficult problem to work through: atrophy. I knew I would not be painting for just under a year and I tried to prepare emotionally for it. But really, how do you do that? The longer you are away the harder it is to return. I decided to push through fear in the studio and focus on the very scenes of domestic life that take me from painting. I love both facets of my life and it seemed natural to integrate them. My intent is not to create nostalgic tomes of motherhood. Nor is it to idealize or glorify my role in the home. Rather, to provide an intimate glimpse of my personal life. Some scenes require self-portrayal; others are simply familiar scenes of my daily dealings. I believe I land somewhere in the middle of “challenging concepts with innovative use of materials” and “pretty pictures”. My challenging concept is happiness in the home, and choosing to see a beautiful life amid the mundane. And I choose it even if that means my “pictures” end up being “pretty”. 
Kitchen (SOLD)
To be featured on the cover of COUNTRY ROADS Magazine in July 2013

My husband and my children came to say hello.

At the Light
I-20 runs right through our town, and sitting at this intersection/overpass is a daily occurrence.

This is the pool where I take my children swimming.

Bottom of Corley Street
I pass these street cones every time I drive home.