Tuesday, March 12, 2013

procrastinating going to bed

My husband is in Washington D.C., and when he is gone on trips I have a really hard time going to bed. So, while I procrastinate that lonely hour, I will update a little.

This was the view from my kitchen window this morning. The Bradford pear trees are in their full spring glory. It has been rather cold at night these days and there was a good frost on the ground when we got up. I love it. The days of a fire in the fireplace are growing short. 

 The sun comes up right outside our living room window and just past the tree line is a big pond. You can see a little fog rolling off.

Two days ago, miss Mallie got her first loose tooth. Yes, TWO days ago. She worked it TOO much, TOO soon, and it caused her a great deal of pain and suffering, to the point it began to get abscessed and she could only drink milkshakes and the like yesterday. So today, I had the dentist pull it. What a traumatic first wiggly tooth! The fairy tool good care of her tonight though: A dollar bill. A bunch of loose change and a token I found to ride the carousel at the mall.

PROJECT ORGANIZE. Pretty proud of myself, I got a shelf built today! I haven't put anything ON that shelf yet, but, tomorrow is a new day. AND NIEL COMES HOME, so that puts a fire under me to have something great to show him.

And that's my update. I am done procrastinating. Good night.


  1. I can't wait to come and enjoy it with you. It's fun getting to show off new things! Even if it DOES include that couch...


  2. Lovely photos! I love all the light in your pictures. And I adore the shelf!

  3. I love the shelf. I'm proud of you getting it all done and put together by yourself. Not that i ever doubted your skills:)


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