Monday, March 25, 2013

give your two ¢ents worth

Eating some breakfast this morning made me realize for about the 36th time how much I love my new house, and how badly we need curtains. Color or pattern suggestions anyone?


  1. Girl, quit stealing pictures out of magazines and saying they are your house!


  3. I LOVE the big windows around the table. I am terrible with color, but your walls have a gray look and yellow/gray is an easy combination to find right now in all the fabric stores. I like long drapes with tabs (top or back) so I can quickly throw them out of the way in the morning (AFTER the room is clean enough for the world to see!) and quickly shut them at night or when the sun gets too hot. I also like sheers that let me see out but not let passerbys see in...and lets in all the light.


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