Tuesday, February 26, 2013

getting settled

The inside of our home is starting to take shape. Niel's mother came down to help last Tuesday and will fly home to New York tomorrow. I have chuckled on several occasions when I have told friends that my mother-in-law has come to help. Some would look at me squarely and ask, "is THAT helpful?" I get the question. So many spouses do not have a good relationship with their in-laws; I have been extremely blessed to not fall into that category.
So here is my shout out:
 I LOVE YOU MOM!! I am so glad you've come to help and we really could not have done it with out you!
Now, when the computer was set up here, the SD card reader wasn't hooked up so I've got no photos until Niel comes back from Huston.
You'll just have to wait.

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