Friday, February 8, 2013

day # nine

A while ago a friend of mine took the baker's rack from her kitchen, and gifted it to me. She didn't like how it was installed kiddy-corner over her kitchen island, and wasn't crazy about the style. I was sure I would find a way to use it it the house, so I was happy to take it from her.
Come to find out, I did not care for the style either, so this is what I did with it:



I lost the bakers rack, cause lets face it, I'm not hanging any pots on a bakers rack, and I never saw ANYBODY hanging a rolling pin or a cookie sheet from one. Painted it green and got a new silver chain for it. Mikey, pretty much the coolest electrician I know, showed me how to separate the chain links without mangling them. I used vice grips. His tip: Don't use vice grips. He was right, there are better tools out there.
The rim is a bunch of different map pieces of places we've lived. (I may or may not keep it on there. I am having adhesive issues, and don't want to tape the outside.)

Carpet is in but they have to come back and fix a hideous seam.

We'll be getting the Certificate of Occupancy NEXT WEEK!!!!
(Niel will be in LA and I'm gonna see what kind of magic 
I can work while he is away.)

Lamar Hancock: the best contractor EVER!

Now, who wants to come out and help me clean this beast out, and save me $400?

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  1. I wish!!!! Looks awesome!!! We have to come visit and see it in person!!!


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