Wednesday, February 13, 2013

day, hmmmm? what day is it? And where is my husband???

I absolutely CANNOT wait to show the after picture of what this couch looks like in our living room.
(I just love using cannot as one word. Mmmm.)
Come back from L.A. soon, dear.


  1. What the couch??!!! That is the most hideous print ever. I CANNOT wait to see what it looks like either!

  2. That is the most hideous couch I have ever seen. Except for those old orange ones they used to have at church. And that ended up in our living room... I wish I had known about recovering furniture way back then!

    1. OOOooo. I wonder if they have any orange ones left! :)

  3. It's pretty roomy in here! A special place in my heart reserved for the SOFAAA! lolololol!!! are you practicing on the piano?


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