Sunday, February 3, 2013

day # fourteen

Day #14, counting down to the proposed finish date of our new crash pad.

An updated list for you list-checkers out there:

Get gas turned on at Corley Street: UPDATE: MONDAY
re-cover dining chairs
go through the "game" closet that has become an unsatisfactory filling cabinet over the last four years (yikes!)
make my "MAP" hanging pendant light to go over the bar (pics on that later)
take Simon to speech therapy
empty out the storage unit
take outdoor bench to Corley
figure out what in the world I am going to make for dinner ordered pizza for the kids, got a babysitter 

                                                                                         and went out on a date with my sweetie
go grocery shopping
fold AND PUT AWAY the laundry
have a dance party in the living room with Simon and Wesley
make posters for my Relief Society event

go to post office
get oil changed
pay the beaver trapper (that's right, some people have bug guys, we have a beaver guy)
get dressed (maybe this should be closer to the top of the list)
find babysitters for our trip to LA (Valentine's week)

             Update: NOT going to LA with Niel
                    going to stick it out here and see what I get done in the way of packing and etc.
                                          (AND holding out for a shorter trip to D.C. in March!)
get the file cabinet off the carport
put up the new mailbox GOT IT SET IN THE CEMENT, THEN IT GOT TOO DARK....
hang pegboards in shop
paint tool outlines on the pegboard

So what did YOU do?


  1. You're not coming to LA?!?!?
    Boo! Boo! *hiss* Boo!

    1. BUT I STILL LOVE YOU !!!!!!
      here's the thing: mid feb is not going to be the smartest time for me to go awol for five days and four nights, and going to D.C. for two nights in march will be a WHOLE lot easier to find overnight babysitters. Sprry babe, you'll just have to tough it out...:)

  2. ah, piece a cake. :) j/k, sounds like life is speeding on. Can't wait to see more pictures.


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