Tuesday, January 15, 2013

day # thirty-four

 It is official. We left the fireplace UNpainted!! Thank you Jessica for speaking your mind. Seems you have a good one.

Another picture of Dusty. That was taken when the sun used to shine.

Now we have 

 The bamboo is hanging pretty low. Usually you can't see the trees behind them at all.
We had business at the laundromat today (or the washateria as they call it here). Don't be surprised if this turns up as a painting at some future point.
Shhhhhhh. Don't tell Mallie. They put doorknobs on today. She thinks once they put doorknobs on we get to move in. Getting close my little girl, getting close.


  1. JULIE, I LOVE IT! I love the fireplace unpainted. It looks wonderful! Thanks for posting pictures and sharing. I cannot wait to see your house in person. I think the Laudromat painting would look awesome, and it would look great as the art in someones laundry room;) or anywhere really.

    1. Can you imagine a laundry room where there was ROOM to hang art! I love the idea...that is [one of the reasons] why we are not putting any upper cabinets in the kitchen! TO LEAVE ROOM FOR ART!!

  2. yes that would be wonderful to have a laundry room with room for art. and i love the idea of not putting cabinets in the kitchen so you have room for art. you inspire me:)

  3. I'm so glad you didn't paint the fireplace. The house looks awesome. Can't wait to see it in person. What IF we came to visit for Thanksgiving? Or else next year some time. Spring of 2014? March, April, or May? Maybe I could find me a 10k race near your town to run in the spring. Maybe we could run it together. Maybe you guys could come visit me in December 2014. I'm hoping to have the Christmas play I wrote performed in Asheville that year. Saturday December 13th, 2014. It'll be AWESOME!!! And FREE!!! (aside from all travel expenses, of course)


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