Monday, January 7, 2013

day # forty-two

 So I may need to knock on wood, but the word is SIX weeks on the house. I am going to start counting down, and see where we are when I get to #1. Today is #42, so Feb 18th will land us on six weeks.

Lots going on these days, including the addition of the newest member of our family. Meet Dusty. He is our newest little heart-melter. Nan and I went to Dallas yesterday to pick him up, this picture was taken at the house of a friend of mine there. We bought Dusty in Oklahoma City over Thanksgiving, knowing the breeder would keep him there until the house was ready. She's been working on potty training him and other commands like "sit". Well, this little family of ours grew too impatient, and when a dear friend of mine offered to keep him here in Ruston until we are able to take him (our current landlord has a strict no-pet policy, which I can respect), we jumped at the chance. Now he can be socialized with the children and we'll get to see him.
While we were in Dallas, we did a little shopping for the house. But before it's all put together, I'd like to give you a sneak peek into my design style and show you some of things I have purchased (and also some colors I've picked out).

But first, here are some photos of the outside, specifically requested by my dad.
 Love you Dad!
front of house and front door

back of house

the double windows above the scaffolding on the end are the louvered windows of my studio

the patio (it is off the south end of the house) 

close-up of patio door

There will be three of these lights down the length of the patio, with two white outdoor ceiling fans between them (light, fan, light, fan, light). We will also put one above the front door.

Today they start painting!!!
patio ceiling
 (Niel picked this out!)
Here is the exterior color pallet:
main body of house
front door and patio door


Here is the interior color pallet:

girls and boys bedrooms and
a few of the doors downstairs

a few accent walls
pretty much the walls throughout

All trim, cabinets and fireplace...
yes, we are painting the fireplace

Maybe this will be the longest post I have published to date. I am going for a record.

Here is a mirror I am going to try  for my master bathroom vanity. Not typical: counter top-to-ceiling.
MONGSTAD Mirror IKEA Can be hung horizontally or vertically.
37"wide 74 3/4" high

IKEA PS 2012 Rug, low pile IKEA

large rug for bedroom, I think...maybe living room

IKEA PS 2012 Rug, low pile IKEA

Colorful group of Vintage Valve Handles, Garden decor, Steampunk,  Assemblage, Industrial, Collection of 10 Aluminum
this random assortment will go on the built-in cupboards in the children's rooms

 Young House Love Small Wire Globe Lantern - 7 Colors
light pendant for hallway leading to the kitchen

SALE Big Drawer Knob Silver Sparrow made of Resin (RK01)
coat closet doorknob pulls (also in the same hallway)
said hallway

Mostly Red group of Vintage Valve Handles, Garden decor, Steampunk,  Assemblage, Industrial Decor, Collection of 16
these little guys are going to be the drawer pulls in my kitchen

Still need to figure out the knobs for the cabinets through the rest of the house. Any ideas?

vent hood for the gas range (in the kitchen, duh...)

Now, speaking of the kitchen, here are a few pictures of its progress!

we are not putting any upper cabinets in the kitchen. Instead there will be a few floating shelves along the far wall you see, flanking the window. I am imagining something along the lines of this, only more colorful:

One last thing, a picture strip (also, per my Dad's request) of the landscape. It isn't fall here anymore obviously, but this is better than the bleak winter's landscape we have now.

you saw this one a few pictures up

Well, that's where we are.
I welcome any and all comments.


  1. I love the knobs you have chosen! and the view is beautiful!

  2. I love your drawer pulls! And it is so fun to see your artistic side finally be able to express itself fully in your house...a long way from cinder block walls.

  3. I love the new puppy, he looks so cute and cuddly.. what kind of dog is he? Also I love the color palate for the house. Love the yellow for the doors!! I totally envy you. I wish I could pick out the colors to paint my house. I only have one complaint. I wish you weren't painting the fireplace. The house we live in now has a painted fireplace and I hate it! The paint is old and yellowing (that wont be your problem, since yours will be brand new) but I hate it. I love the look of the rustic brick or stone fireplace. Anyway, I still love you and I still love your house. Its amazing!!! I cannot wait to see it in person. I was thinking today after I read your post this morning, "I wonder if there is a way I can just sneak away and fly down and come for a visit, as soon as the house is done". I miss you and love seeing your style, and the knobs for the kitchen, and the paint, and the rug. love, love, love, love!!!

    1. Jessica, to answer your question, Dusty is a miniature schnauzer. He is kind-of rare: chocolate with green eyes. I will try to post more (and better) pictures of him in the following days and weeks. He is the sweetest, funniest cuddliest dog I have ever seen!

      You will be thrilled to know that I am following your opinion! I have called an absolute STOP to painting the fireplace (they did not touch it today) and we will leave it bare!! (We figure if we end up hating it, WE can always go back and paint it ourselves later....wouldn't be able to UNpaint it, that is for sure.)
      Our house will be open anytime you want to come! ...and they sell tickets everyday. :

  4. I love it. Totally beautiful and clearly the home of an artist. Gotta say that I am glad you're leaving the fireplace natural. I wish I could unpaint mine. Good luck with your 6 weeks

  5. I agree with everyone. This home is going to be eclectic, whimsical, fun and inviting... ...just like you Julie! :) I LOVE IT!! Would you like to drop by Denver and help me pick out colors?? :)


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