Tuesday, January 8, 2013

day # forty-one

Going from less than half an acre to just over four acres is going to require some better equipment than one rake and a push mower.
I just love craigslist! My husband was able to get us (what we hope will be a decent riding mower) and a yard sweeper for CHEAP! (Sweeper not shown here.) Niel got both, including a new battery and a pin for $500.
And CHEAP is the name of the game right now...or should I use the words: inexpensive, great deal, bargain and thrifty. Trying really hard to not "get what I paid for" takes time and energy, a lot of research and a willingness to pick through the proverbial junk pile of other people's after-holiday-decluttering efforts. Sales online are good too, like the one on I just took advantage of for my kitchen appliances.

We went with all white! No trendy stainless steel here. Besides, I am going to have a whole lot better luck keeping white clean than I am stainless. Too many fingerprints. (The windows will be keeping me plenty busy in that category of household chores.)

Now, if I can just keep from tipping the scale toward being penny wise and pound foolish, we'll be good.

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  1. You are awesome at finding good deals! I'm sure you will do great! And I always thought I wanted stainless appliances, but now that I have them, I hate them. They are so hard to keep clean. White is a great way to go instead!


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