Wednesday, January 30, 2013

day # eighteen

In the teens now. My dear dad made a great suggestion: to post the floor plan. So the clean white ones are the ones I got from and the grungy yellow ones are the modifications we made. Hope you can decipher them.



Main Floor


I love looking at plans. Now maybe you can see it all coming together a little better. 

Can you see it? Can you see it?

Here is the view going down with PADDING on the stairs.  Simon is standing in the storage room/guest "closet in the second pic. The aqua room is bedroom #3 and in the big picture you see Nan standing at the top of the stairs right in front of the open passageway I indicated in red pen on the second floor plan.


Couple more coats of self-leveling polyurethane on this bead board floor and I'll "prolly pee my pants" (a joke that has become a daily statement around the builders and I.) I am SO ooooO OO ready for the studio.
There is a sink in the corner you can't see here. (second pic)

Taken before bead board planks were put down. (Yes, that is a million-year-old avocado colored cast iron sink in the counter top...again, I LOVE craigslist: $25)

 Jared the painter (that's how he's listed in my cell phone), has been working steadily on these big floating shelves. OOooh. They want to float already ... right between those ladders...

 See that dark wall? Can't you hear it saying, 
"Floating shelf, where are you?? I am ready for you..."
 (Yes, that is a mirror where the stove is going, I am glad you asked.)

 Here's a few of the steam punk valves I mentioned before


Monday, January 28, 2013

day # twenty

So, for those of you who aren't aware, I am counting down to a hypothetical "day # one" from the time our builders said, "Six weeks until the house should be done." I thought it would be fun to see how close we get. So, as the post title indicates, we are at day twenty and counting down.

Carpet was supposed to go upstairs today, but for now we are just praying for the family of the carpet layer, as he has had a family medical emergency over the weekend.

We have had some color put on the house! Wow. I was hoping it to be a bit more on the orange side but Niel loves it so I did not order more paint (with the contingency that if it didn't grow on me in the next 6 months or so I would be tweaking it a little bit with a different shade.)

Counter tops are ON!!! Sorry, not the greatest picture, and there is a great deal of dust still on the close-up shot, but I am thrilled with how it is coming.

Here is a fun progression of a surprise I designed for the children's rooms:

A Built-IN you can play behind!!
The space is three feet wide and I have plans to make an intricate line-drawing mural using a sharpie marker on the back wall. Then I'll screw a couple cups to it and fill them with colored pencils.

This is one of the two galvanized shop lights I am using to light the stairway. I just got a shipment of silver bowl globe lamps to use in them. (pic below) 

60 Watt - G16.5 - Clear Silver Bowl - 120 Volt - Candelabra Base - Incandescent Light Bulb - Satco S3246

Those little birdies make me smile.
The laundry room with the lights up. With all that being shared, I want to share something that I heard last weekend. I was attending a conference and Adam Smith was quoted. "How many people ruin themselves by laying out money on trinkets of frivolous utility?"
Well, I won't say if birds on my doors are frivolous or not but as far as what has come my way, 

I am going to take it ALL, every gift! And I am going to use it and share it and
love it and praise God for it! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

day # thirty-four

 It is official. We left the fireplace UNpainted!! Thank you Jessica for speaking your mind. Seems you have a good one.

Another picture of Dusty. That was taken when the sun used to shine.

Now we have 

 The bamboo is hanging pretty low. Usually you can't see the trees behind them at all.
We had business at the laundromat today (or the washateria as they call it here). Don't be surprised if this turns up as a painting at some future point.
Shhhhhhh. Don't tell Mallie. They put doorknobs on today. She thinks once they put doorknobs on we get to move in. Getting close my little girl, getting close.

Monday, January 14, 2013

day # thirty-five

Last week felt like a non-stop flight around the world. And I was sick (but my sweet husband saved me by taking a day off work). This week I am hoping to take a break. Let my mind settle.    Breathe.      Quit grinding. 

Balance the check book.
Find lost library books.

In other news, I am happy to announce that I had two pieces selected to be shown in the 


2nd National Biennial Juried Exhibition

It's always nice to have a national show come to your doorstep. It really helps an artist save on freight costs.
If you are around Ruston tomorrow night, everyone would love your support. 

Juror Talk: Dr. Paul Manoguerra, 5:00 pm

Exhibit Reception and Awards: 6:00 pm 

These events will take place in the Bethea and Moffit Galleries in 
The F. Jay Taylor Visual Art Center on the Louisiana Tech Campus.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

day # forty-one

Going from less than half an acre to just over four acres is going to require some better equipment than one rake and a push mower.
I just love craigslist! My husband was able to get us (what we hope will be a decent riding mower) and a yard sweeper for CHEAP! (Sweeper not shown here.) Niel got both, including a new battery and a pin for $500.
And CHEAP is the name of the game right now...or should I use the words: inexpensive, great deal, bargain and thrifty. Trying really hard to not "get what I paid for" takes time and energy, a lot of research and a willingness to pick through the proverbial junk pile of other people's after-holiday-decluttering efforts. Sales online are good too, like the one on I just took advantage of for my kitchen appliances.

We went with all white! No trendy stainless steel here. Besides, I am going to have a whole lot better luck keeping white clean than I am stainless. Too many fingerprints. (The windows will be keeping me plenty busy in that category of household chores.)

Now, if I can just keep from tipping the scale toward being penny wise and pound foolish, we'll be good.

Monday, January 7, 2013

day # forty-two

 So I may need to knock on wood, but the word is SIX weeks on the house. I am going to start counting down, and see where we are when I get to #1. Today is #42, so Feb 18th will land us on six weeks.

Lots going on these days, including the addition of the newest member of our family. Meet Dusty. He is our newest little heart-melter. Nan and I went to Dallas yesterday to pick him up, this picture was taken at the house of a friend of mine there. We bought Dusty in Oklahoma City over Thanksgiving, knowing the breeder would keep him there until the house was ready. She's been working on potty training him and other commands like "sit". Well, this little family of ours grew too impatient, and when a dear friend of mine offered to keep him here in Ruston until we are able to take him (our current landlord has a strict no-pet policy, which I can respect), we jumped at the chance. Now he can be socialized with the children and we'll get to see him.
While we were in Dallas, we did a little shopping for the house. But before it's all put together, I'd like to give you a sneak peek into my design style and show you some of things I have purchased (and also some colors I've picked out).

But first, here are some photos of the outside, specifically requested by my dad.
 Love you Dad!
front of house and front door

back of house

the double windows above the scaffolding on the end are the louvered windows of my studio

the patio (it is off the south end of the house) 

close-up of patio door

There will be three of these lights down the length of the patio, with two white outdoor ceiling fans between them (light, fan, light, fan, light). We will also put one above the front door.

Today they start painting!!!
patio ceiling
 (Niel picked this out!)
Here is the exterior color pallet:
main body of house
front door and patio door


Here is the interior color pallet:

girls and boys bedrooms and
a few of the doors downstairs

a few accent walls
pretty much the walls throughout

All trim, cabinets and fireplace...
yes, we are painting the fireplace

Maybe this will be the longest post I have published to date. I am going for a record.

Here is a mirror I am going to try  for my master bathroom vanity. Not typical: counter top-to-ceiling.
MONGSTAD Mirror IKEA Can be hung horizontally or vertically.
37"wide 74 3/4" high

IKEA PS 2012 Rug, low pile IKEA

large rug for bedroom, I think...maybe living room

IKEA PS 2012 Rug, low pile IKEA

Colorful group of Vintage Valve Handles, Garden decor, Steampunk,  Assemblage, Industrial, Collection of 10 Aluminum
this random assortment will go on the built-in cupboards in the children's rooms

 Young House Love Small Wire Globe Lantern - 7 Colors
light pendant for hallway leading to the kitchen

SALE Big Drawer Knob Silver Sparrow made of Resin (RK01)
coat closet doorknob pulls (also in the same hallway)
said hallway

Mostly Red group of Vintage Valve Handles, Garden decor, Steampunk,  Assemblage, Industrial Decor, Collection of 16
these little guys are going to be the drawer pulls in my kitchen

Still need to figure out the knobs for the cabinets through the rest of the house. Any ideas?

vent hood for the gas range (in the kitchen, duh...)

Now, speaking of the kitchen, here are a few pictures of its progress!

we are not putting any upper cabinets in the kitchen. Instead there will be a few floating shelves along the far wall you see, flanking the window. I am imagining something along the lines of this, only more colorful:

One last thing, a picture strip (also, per my Dad's request) of the landscape. It isn't fall here anymore obviously, but this is better than the bleak winter's landscape we have now.

you saw this one a few pictures up

Well, that's where we are.
I welcome any and all comments.