Thursday, December 20, 2012


Our Christmas tree this year makes me mostly happy. So much of that happiness is influenced by the blessing it is to have all my children near me. After last Friday it has at times been hard to look at my tree and not feel a measure of sorrow for suffering families. May God's love be unfailing around all those who suffer, for any reason, especially this time of year.

I think it is healthy to spend moments in serious reflection about difficult things. I believe it makes you more whole, and more empathetic. I also believe it is healthy to understand that there is a season to everything. There is so much wrong that goes on in the world, but I can't carry all of it. It does however, provide a measure of perspective; it helps me  freak out a little less when I find out my hair is in a total crazy knot because somehow earlier in the day I got a glob of mustard in my ponytail. It is good to understand that even with there being WAY bigger problems and sorrows out there than mine, God exists, and thinks my stupid problems are pretty big too.

He can carry all of it. 

It has taken me a few years to get used to, but I must say I have been converted to winters sprinkled with quite warm days. I had a picnic with my children yesterday, and even though it was too cold today (high 50, low 30) to do that, sitting outside on a sheet wearing shorts and visiting the begonias helped ease our cabin fever.

 Speaking of fever, poor Nan is really having a go at it. They shut down the Montessori school in town this week due to a crazy outbreak of the flu here. The temp above was taken AFTER a day long of piggybacking ibuprofen and acetaminophen...UNDER THE ARM. At six tonight I took her to the Doctor's care and she tested neg. for both the flu and strep. Poor thing. Hang in there sweetie.

In light of the beginning of my post, here is my latest "stupid" problem. (I will here on out not refer to my problems as stupid. My problems are very me.)
FINALLY. A little bit of the "IN THE STUDIO" part of this blog! I have 25 boards to hang and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get them to hang flush on the wall. I will gladly take suggestions from any artist friends.

 Also, I think it is a little crazy and stressful to have to pick out colors for a house 4 days before Christmas. Stupid? No. I am happy for the opportunity... now, just help me not to go crazy.


  1. Although I'm not an artist, I am a scientist and physics rules! There seems to be two solutions that I can think of for the Gessobords: first use two large nails for each Gessobord, and only pound them into the wall so that around 1 inch is still sticking out. Pound in the nails so that they are close to the size inside corners of the box, and hang away. Second solution: if you are using string/wire to hang them, attach the wire as close the top (maybe 1/2 inch down) and front (i.e. non-wall side of the box) of each box. The tricky part to this, is that the wire has to be fairly tight, and it might be easier to use hooks, rather than nails on the wall side. I realize that it would probably be easier to describe this all in person, but that's what you get for moving halfway across the country :) Hope that helps...

  2. Sarah- I tried to publish your comment and it disappeared. :(
    Though I will certainly check out your suggestion. Geoff, I will add your good suggestions to my list of trial and error. (heaven help my walls after all of this...

  3. Beautiful tree! Is that a piano to the left? Also great stories & pictures about a warm family Christmastime. I hope Nan feels better soon--especially with a birthday AND Christmas coming soon!


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