Wednesday, December 12, 2012


12/12/12 seemed like as good a day as any to give a little report on the house building process. I thought I had begun to bore my friends and acquaintances to tears with my single mindedness, and almost constant "house banter" until a few of you spoke up and said you wanted an update. From here on out I am going to take the narcissistic approach and assume that everyone is as interested in my house I am. 

 Niel and I really wanted a fully functioning, wood burning fireplace in our home. You can see the chimney stepped in as it goes through the ceiling line. The trend here in Louisiana, maybe because the growing season is so long and the winters so short and mild, is to use a gas insert fireplace. The brick mason said it had been several years since he had put a wood burning fireplace IN a home. "Plenty outdoors" he said, "but not too many people asking for the indoors." We will feel a little more self-sufficient despite the trend to put the extra money it cost toward other things.

Here is the fireplace with the sheet rock up. Notice the high firebox. The contractor initially thought we were crazy, but fell in love with it in the end. We did it that way purely for design aesthetics and will likely paint the brick white. The inside of the firebox may be black. Stay tuned to see...

It snowed in Louisiana.
Here, the insulation is being blown into the gaps between the wall studs. Rolls of insulation were used for the interior walls of the house.

before sheet rock

after sheet rock
This room is going to be the kitchen.

This is the entry way as you come in through the front door...again, before sheet rock.



Upstairs, going from the "kid living room" into the studio.


  1. This is not narcissism! I LOVE WATCHING HOUSES BUILT! Please share more- I'll read every post! It looks like it's going well!

  2. Guuuurl...
    I am right in the middle of a renovation on a cabin on Lake Bistineau!
    Good luck!


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