Friday, June 15, 2012

inconsistent quantities

It is past my bed time. Niel is in Washington D.C. and I procrastinate badly going to bed when he is not here.
I am missing not painting keenly tonight. I have been thinking a lot about how to keep myself grounded for the next 6 months (the time it is going to take to build our home). I am not sure taking a lot of pictures and filling my sketchbook is going to keep me from living for "tomorrow". I need it to though. I need something to. It is hard to admit that keeping house and playing with my children is not enough. I wish it was. Maybe that is why painting is so important to me, it brings something to my life nothing else quite can, and I have learned that I don't even need it in large quantities, just consistent quantities. What is a six month fast going to do to me?
Steve, maybe I will have to take up running.
This picture ALWAYS makes me feel better. Thanks Jodi Kennedy.


  1. jessica slaughterJune 15, 2012 at 9:55 PM

    That photo makes me scared. I NEVER want my children to see it!
    As for your painting fast, what about thinking of your painting differently, like using a smaller/easier to transport media--something you can use at night on the kitchen counter and then put it away in the morning?
    Keeping house and playing with children was enough for me for a while but then over time it changed. It IS hard to admit that, but we're not alone in that feeling. Good luck with your waiting time. I hope you find something that can satisfactorily fill the space.

  2. Careful. Running is dangerously satisfying. And then in six months you'll have to do both running and painting...

    ...and then you'll have no time to take care of your beautiful new house. :)

    Good luck! We miss you guys!

  3. Maybe you should go on an egg fast. Or paint with eggs. Or paint your kids. Did you yell? Did you cry? My, oh my, oh my... What did Niel say? Why is he in D.C.? Maybe you could practice watercolor or colored pencils or both on your sketch pad. Take a deep breath and keep reading your scriptures. Pray for strength. It will be worth it. Just like life, and just like running a marathon, it is hard, but it is worth it. We just have to find coping mechanisms to help us get through the rough times. Maybe you should have a separate sketch pad in every room! Try sidewalk art. Ask someone if you can paint a mural on their fence. Do hand printing collage with your kids. Love ya! Good luck! By the way, I'm starting back to college in August. Online with ECU. Graduate certificate in Website Development.


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