Friday, June 15, 2012

inconsistent quantities

It is past my bed time. Niel is in Washington D.C. and I procrastinate badly going to bed when he is not here.
I am missing not painting keenly tonight. I have been thinking a lot about how to keep myself grounded for the next 6 months (the time it is going to take to build our home). I am not sure taking a lot of pictures and filling my sketchbook is going to keep me from living for "tomorrow". I need it to though. I need something to. It is hard to admit that keeping house and playing with my children is not enough. I wish it was. Maybe that is why painting is so important to me, it brings something to my life nothing else quite can, and I have learned that I don't even need it in large quantities, just consistent quantities. What is a six month fast going to do to me?
Steve, maybe I will have to take up running.
This picture ALWAYS makes me feel better. Thanks Jodi Kennedy.