Sunday, May 27, 2012

choosing a house plan

Tomorrow morning Niel and I will meet with the contractor to move forward with this idea of having a house built for ourselves. The plan is to review the floor plan we like, make some adjustments, and talk about interior finishes. I have been looking forward to this ever since the meeting was set (last week), and it will be such a fun date!!! Gotta control my wagging finger. :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

good bye, hello...again

We received and ACCEPTED an offer on our house!!!  I thank everyone for their prayers. We will close in ten days, and the greatest miracle of the sale is that we will be able to rent our house from the buyers while we try to decide what our next move will be. We can stay as long as we need to build or as short as we need to find and close on a house.

In my last post I used the terms "we have a four acre lot secured", and what I meant by that was that my friend will sell it to us if we want it. I have a confession, I have been out to that property several times over this past weekend. I just couldn't stay away. I wanted to see how it sounds at different times of the day, how the light filters through the canopy in the morning...then in the evening. It truly is a piece of heaven on earth and now I know that if we decide to continue to look at other homes for sale, I won't be able to keep myself from comparing the idea of what this property could mean for our growing children, to what is right in front of me.

So grateful for a buyer for our house though, despite the big unknown of our next home.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

time for the sketchbook

Sometimes I feel like we are all over the map. We are discussing building at this point, but can I wait 6-9 months before painting seriously in the studio again? Maybe I won't have to if I can find another place to rent in the interim, or if we get a mobile home to live in while we that is big enough. There are so many things to consider, and even though it seems like an overwhelming process, I think Niel and I could sure learn a lot together in the journey. We have a four acre lot secured if we want to move forward. It is at the end of a dead-end street and has a stream running along the back of the lot. My friend raised her two daughters in a home on this land, and when it burned down many years ago, she didn't rebuild. Still waiting for a buyer on this house and being a bit of an antsy pants, I have to remind myself that it has only been on the market a week.

I am officially packing up the studio this weekend. Maybe I need to leave some smaller canvases out for myself so I don't go crazy. No. I will focus on my sketchbook and be more diligent in keeping my camera with me wherever I go. Wow. Storing up months of ideas could be interesting.

Friday, May 11, 2012

still looking

Well, the new place is not going to work out how we wanted it to. I will keep it that simple. So we are still looking and wanted to share what our current home is looking like these it is OFFICIALLY on the market now. To view photos, click HERE.
(sniff.sniff. goodbye chickens.)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

the future home place

Well, we found a house, made an offer this morning and it was accepted within 5 minutes. Please pray for us that we will be able to sell our current home quickly! The link below will only last as long as the site is active, but if you are able, check it out. SHE IS LEAVING US THE CHICKENS!! Studio with northern light, HERE I COME!!!! 

Click HERE to see more details.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

 We are selling our house and looking for a bigger place to let our children grow in. So it is very busy and exciting around here, and a time of transition. I am packing up my studio until we are settled into the new spot we'll call home. So here is hoping the selling/buying process will not take forever and I will soon be settling  into a studio contained in the walls of my home soon.

Here are more paintings from the gallery crawl presented in the Upstairs Gallery:

pink shed
16" x 20" 
oil on masonite

steel storage containers
24"x 24"
oil on masonite