Thursday, July 21, 2011

A sneak peak

Sorry about the last post. It was pretty gross. But I thought it a good joke for anyone who may keep up with this blog. I take it back, I'm not really sorry.
Here is a black and white image of the largest piece I will have in the show coming up, which by the way, I found out today is entitled: SIFTING THE EXOTIC AND FAMILIAR. (Such a great name, Leigh.)

Double Self-Portrait
24"X 24"
oil on luan mahogany

 I began this painting at the end of last year and had posted the beginning stages of it here. It is rewarding to see it completed. Now I am waiting for what Peter Jones, my retired professor and friend, refers to as the painter's reward: the frame.


  1. I Love it! Definitely one of my favorites! And that last post almost made me stop coming;)

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! You are so talented! - Beth

  3. LOVE it!!! And we got your invitation today. So sorry we aren't closer so we could come! Hope it goes well!


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