Friday, April 8, 2011

my first painting movie

I have watched many artists' videos of the progress of their paintings (Karin Jurick, and Duane Keiser to name two) and have always been fascinated by them. This is my first attempt at a movie, though it is really only a progression of still shots. The entire process of this painting took about 4 hours (which might be equal to the time it took me to figure out this whole video thing!) I think I will definitely make more painting movies in the future, and hopefully they will all turn out better than this one. Enjoy nonetheless. 

The still shots ARE IN ORDER. There are a few major jumps in the progression, and several wipe-outs. I was not at all familiar with the process of working the painting and then wiping it out, but it has proved to be an excellent means to correct drawing issues and get a better likeness of the model. I regret that I did not take a clear picture of my model, but you can see her in the background of this still:


  1. turned out in the end...but there were a few shots that were kinda scary.;)

  2. Super cool! Love the video, I think you did a great job!

  3. Wow! I wish I had that kind of creativity!! It was amazing to see the progression and find out how quick it actually took. I have never watched a painting video, but I thought it was great!!

  4. Wow! you are so talented. It looks amazing! Good job

  5. this was facinating, Julie...educational for me too!


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