Sunday, February 20, 2011





surprise party

hair chop

finished eaves and etc.

Wesley's tulips

...better than it was and still so much to do...
We have been having very mild weather here and the jonquils and daffodils are sprouting up everywhere. FEBRUARY!!! That still amazes me even after three years. We are taking the chances when we can to work on painting the outside of the house. Yesterday I was able to finish the fascia board, soffit, and eaves of the front of the house. I felt like I had accomplished so much, and I guess I had, but then I looked at how much further I have yet to go. Do you ever feel that way about anything?
Niel and I threw Wesley a surprise early birthday party on Friday (since his birthday this year fell on the Sabbath). Niel came home early enough from work to be here when Nan and Wesley got off the bus and when the saw the HUGE note I left on the back of the van in the driveway that said "Come to the back yard" they were both met with helium balloons, bubbles, pizza and cake, and of course, presents. Wesley kept asking, "FOR ME?! FOR ME?!" I got him his very own trowel (because last spring he kept trying to plant seeds in the hard mud- to no avail) and I wanted him to have success this spring. So we planted-- sorry, HE planted tulips and hyacinths in the front of the house. He also got a haircut. We had a nice movie night later and THIS morning Nan gave him the present from her: a little hamster. How in love this that little creature he has already fallen! The woman who gave it to us was pretty sure it was a girl so this morning before church I said, "What will you name her?" and while holding it tenderly in his hands he immediately turnrd to Mallie and said, "YOU name her." And Mallie did. She speedily attached to it the same name she graces ALL her little toys and friends and dolls: Sally.

Definitely Six 
Unfortunately though, Sally didn't last very long. The name, not the hamster. For you see, by the time church was over he decided that his hamster should not be a girl, but a boy. "I don't want my hamster to be a girl." He pouts. At lunch I explain that the hamster is definately either a girl or a boy, and that since we cannot really be certain (it is extrememly difficuly and sometimes impossible, to sex a hamster) that he could name it whatever he wanted. He named "him" Roku (pronounced Roe-koo). And there you have it, Wesley is six.  


  1. Your house looks good! I'm impressed. I can't believe Wesley is 6. But I guess Seth will be six in April, so it stands to reason. hahaha. Time sure does fly by.

  2. Super good job, Julie! Keep up wrk. Love the stories about Wes and Nan and Mallie. Didn't you have another one?

  3. Fun party, beautiful tulips, and Roku. Super six! Also, it looks like a great job on the house.


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