Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love a good sale

I love a good sale, but this was CrAzY!! Recently, Super Book Store BARNES and NOBLE bought university owned bookstore. All summer the art supplies that would no longer be carried by the new owners were sold at discounted prices. I enjoyed the array aof discounted items including pens, paper, pallets,  Grumbacher pre-tested oil paint, and spent a good deal of money on these great deals.
Today, however was an entirely different story. This is what I bought:
12~ 16 x 20 in. cold press Illustration boards
16~ 32 x 46 in. white mat boards
2~ 50 sheet packs of graphite transfer paper
13~ Beinfang 18 x 24 in. 30 sheet heavy weight drawing paper pads
16~ various prismacolor pincils
14~ size 10 filbert synthetic paint brushes
10~ boxes (12 count ea.) of various gray Primsacolor NUPASTELS And
1~ 50 count pack of 32 x 48 in. heavy vellum

I paid $0.01 for each item, paying a grand total of $0.91. Yes, you read that correctly: ninety-one cents.



  1. That is an amazing deal you scored, even if I have no idea what some of the stuff you bought is! hahaha.

    Jon unfortunately doesn't have a Nikon D80 to sell. He has a Nikon D7000 right now, and he's in love with it.

  2. Julie, That has to be the best bargain I have ever heard of! Congratulations!


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