Friday, December 17, 2010

the geese are getting fat and deodorant

Last week we had a little cold snap and our heater busted. I guess the Louisiana forecast was just too hard on this old house's furnace (that, or the old furnace was exactly that.... old.) So this year Santa brought us the need to get a new one. Thanks Santa; now we are all toasty and warm again.

The rest of this post is for a certain stinky friend in Idaho, seeking, but not finding, a good natural deodorant. I have searched for one of those myself off and on for the last 12 years, always returning to the chemically-heavy and commercially processed products anyone can find at their local one-stop-shop. I believe my search finally ended 6 months ago. Other products and I (and I am sure to have tried them ALL) have only really gotten along for a maximum of two weeks. And generally our relationship only lasted that long because I am stubborn. But the desire to be stench-free always won out, much to the satisfaction and relief of those I lived around. (Sorry to everyone that had to endure me.) So, back in June a friend of mine introduced me to two products made by LUSH Cosmetics. I use the following products together and feel fresh as a flower petal all day (and I can always enjoy a little "pick me up" in the muggy summer months by applying a bit more powder through the day.)

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Here are the products (AND WORTH EVERY DIME):

Lush Aromaco Natural deodorant ( I also have and use the Aromarant but like the smell of the Aromaco better)

AND the Vanilla Puff Powder Dusting Powder. (I am NOT a fan of "foody" smelling body or home products, so understand that the vanilla in the Vanilla Puff Powder is not what it may sound like.)

I apply the deodorant and then a healthy dusting of the scrumptious powder. Freshness all day!!!!! Six months and going a good way. HA!

Good luck, stinky friend.


  1. You are funny! Thanks for the tip. I'm going to have to try it out. I'm glad I'm not the only person who has tried natural deodorants (namely, Toms of Maine) and stunk for it.

  2. We LOVE Lush, they have a store in Boston and NYC and they are so fun!

  3. Sounds interesting. Glad you're still enjoying it. I may have to look into that myself as well, just for kicks. The "shower fresh" deodorant Charles and I have been using has apparently changed its scent formula or something because now it just stinks, and we have three sticks of it! I'm going to take them all back! Even the "powder fresh" stinks.

    I like the dark grey background on your blog better than the light blue.

    I just noticed the title of your blog post for December 8, "out of the studio, and in a shoe." Idea! What if you began every blog post with "Out of the Studio:" or "In the Studio:" and followed it with the 'real' title? It was just a reminder of the title of your blog, Julie, in and out of the studio. Such a great title, by the way. So you write about paining and stuff in the studio, and you write about family and life and other things outside of the studio. But a short simple title reminder would be so cool, even if only for a few months.


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