Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanks Leon

So maybe I can't resist painting things sitting on a shelf. These were next to the old gas cans I last posted. I've had it finished for a while now, but have been having a difficult time photographing my work. This morning I went out before the sun was up and the sky was essentially a giant blue/white light source. I had a lot less glare with this experiment. I am going  to go back on this piece and paint the shadow cast by the shelf onto the wall blue. I was working from a photograph, and the shadow was really brown, but I am reminded of something my toughest art teacher, Leon Parson, once said, "Just because it looks stupid, doesn't mean you should to paint it that way." 

Glass Jug
oil on masonite
8"x 8"


  1. okay, I love that quote by your art teacher, so true so true

  2. great quote, and great picture. you bring the best out of it!!!


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