Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sketch from imagination

I think this may be the very first sketch in oil I have ever done from imagination. I took a bike ride at dusk with my nieces a few weeks ago and that night I did this painting demo for them. Though I will admit it looks to me more like the sun is going up than down.
Any opinions out there: Dusk or Dawn?
Either way, I am pleased with it.


  1. Julie, I can't believe you remember my b-day. I wish I was as cool as you and remembered yours! Thanks for the b-day greetings. I am getting older and grumpier and love laughing more than ever!

    I think your art work is fabulous. You have skills my friend...SKILLS!

  2. Looks like dawn to me:) but it doesn't really matter, it's pretty anyway!

  3. Dawn - the sky should be rosy at sunset! I know it isn't always, but it SHOULD be... Love the painting!

  4. Happy Birthday next June 23rd! :) J/K I think dawn also but I love it!


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