Thursday, October 14, 2010

babies love venetian red

As a viewer of this post, you hereby swear to not call the Department of Child Services on me. Thank you.

One catastrophe led to another yesterday. While I was painting, something fell down in the hallway in my house and I set my pallet down as quickly as I could to go attend to it and calm my frightened three year old. In the meantime my almost one year old:

Poor Simon.
(Simon is O.K.) am I, Thanks for asking...


  1. OMG! He totally got into everything! How much paint did he eat? Since I don't have babies, I think the worst thing my dog ate was a pencil.

    Thank goodness everyone survived!

  2. And how is little Mallie? Did something fall on her?

  3. He looks good in orange! very cute!

  4. Poor Simon, poor Mama. Maybe Simon will be imprinted with the horror of the clean-up and will stay away from wet paint for awhile. It worked with my cat anyway.
    I, too, love Corot.


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