Wednesday, August 18, 2010

goals achieved...

I didn't get to the pool this morning at five, it had to wait until six. But I went. And I didn't get this painted by noon, I took this picture of it at 11 pm. And since I am not asleep yet and I am posting this, I also met my third goal. Feels good.
Goals for tomorrow:
I will swim four laps instead of three at 6 am.
I will fold my laundry (AND PUT IT AWAY).
And I will paint something before 3pm to post before I go to bed.

My backyard this morning around 8am:


  1. Dude,I like your goals that we get to enjoy as well! And I want one of your paintings--specifically that one of the kitchen shelf with the number tags:)Hold it for me and next year when I buy a house I will send you big bucks for it!

  2. It turned out really nice! I love the loosness. Pretty! Good for you setting goals!

  3. Hey, Julie!
    Get back to work!
    I am so busy with photography right now I have forgotten the smell of paint!
    I need some studio time today because i have to make a poster for RCT...or as soon as Rose can email me the files for posters (AGAIN).

  4. Yay! I love it. I hung up pictures in our new house. Yours is over my piano. I like your back yard. It looks comfortable.


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