Wednesday, February 24, 2010

molehill hangers and bragging rights

I have been reminded by several people of a few cliffhangers (well, probably more like molehill hangers) that I have created. My husband reminded me that I never posted pictures of the shower he worked so hard to repair. It was also brought to my attention (by my long-time friend Joni Wells) that I never said what I did to surprise Niel at Christmas. Well here it is, our family's second car:

I traded the previous owner a painting for it. Man, I love the barter system. It's old, but it is new to us, (the car not the barter system) and i'd have given just about anything to not have to wake all the children up every school morning in order to take Nan to school and then drop Niel off to work. Ok, I know I could have let him take the van everyday, and have him drop Nan off, but being stranded at home is even worse than getting up early. (Funny, I sleep in nowadays and don't go anywhere... but I have the option and that's what counts.) When we gave it to Niel on Christmas morning, Niel just stood in the road with his mouth open and saying, "What? Huh? (long pause) What?" because we had talked about buying a used second vehicle, but decided jointly to use the money for something else.

Speaking of Nan and school, I just love the right bestowed upon me as a parent to brag. Nan is doing so well in school and I just about grabbed her off her feet tonight when she showed me report card. I told her over and over how proud of her I am. Go ahead, click on the report card. Get a better look.

And finally, here is the AWSOME re-tiled shower floor that Niel put down all by himself with his crazy srong muscles: