Thursday, June 18, 2009

hovel rhymes with shovel

How is it that summers lend themselves to endless and seemingly insurmountable tasks? Mine are all happy tasks (nearly all), not a source of what will inevitably sound like complaining. Know, however, that I am not complaining, and am grateful for the opportunity to modify, improve and beautify our living space.
Right now there is still what I have affectionately termed "the peek-a-boo hole" in the wall between the dining room and the master bathroom. Niel and I worked on it all last Saturday but didn't quite get it all the way filled in. And so the list of "we'll get to it next Saturday" grows longer.

I took off all the cabinet doors in our kitchen yesterdsay and this morning in preparation to paint them. Luckily this project won't require as much sanding as it could have. All the top cabinet doors were already sanded. Should I feel bad that they were once white, and someone sanded them, and I am going to paint them white again? Um, NO, because I think the wood like it was looked horrible. (I will hopefully post some before and after pictures soon.)

The shower floor in the master bath is still in need of new tile.

AND the yard needs to be mowed, but first, all the dog poo around our hovel needs to be attended to with a shovel. (I'll spare the picture on that one.)


  1. have a house to work on. Right now I only have a sailboat...without a mast and an apartment lease. I NEED to paint walls...chairs...something.

    Love your simple and such creative posts! Your art is amazing.

    Korin in Lafayette... (Harmony's niece...)

  2. projects mean a home! happy for you!

  3. You guys are going to love looking at your house when you're done with it! I can't wait to see the "after" pictures. And thanks for sparing us the dog poo pictures. We could use more DOG pictures, though..(hint, hint)

  4. I like projects...just not too many at once. Do you know how to do a shower floor? Is there a hole in the shower to fix also?


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