Monday, April 6, 2009

response to cute spam

Send spam if you want to
I won't send it on.
I won't even read it
Just ask my Mom.

Heart kisses and wish wings~
I think that junk's lame,
Don't send cute hats either,
I think it's the same.

Do you know where it came from?
Did it inspire you, really?
Those cyber-prayers always
make me feel so silly.

It all goes in the trash box
It all rots on a shelf.
Send a note if you want to,
But sign it yourself.

(a really lame poem written by me, in response to really lame mass e-mails)


  1. AMEN!! Hey, you're a poet! Did you know that Niel is, too? Just ask him about the saga he wrote about Captain Carter... :)

  2. Love it! And I love your paintings at the top on the side!

  3. I don't actually get much cute spam. I guess my friends don't love me enough (or perhaps love me too much) to send along "heart kisses and wish wings" to me.

    You're funny. And I miss you.

  4. Sorry for any that I have sent. It is only 1% of what I get. . . Hey, look, I can comment again! . . . and here's a big HUG!

  5. AMEN and 1/2! The only ones worth reading are the fall-off-your-seat funny ones.

  6. I'm going to send this to everyone I know - My entire address book. You are a genius! Great poem.

    (From Chase and Robyn - Think "water bottles and vegetables at BYU-I" - first time readers, long-time fans)


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