Thursday, April 2, 2009

The other night

The other night my husband asked me when I was going to post someting new to my blog. In shock, I asked him, "You check my blog?"
So this is for my husband, any friends I may still have, and for myself (to get out of the non-blogging blues).
Here is a before and after of my little dirt plot in front of my front door. You can see that the azeleas bloomed too.

Last Sunday night we had some friends over for dinner and they had provided a yummy chocolate cake (among other things ~ so beware if we invite you over to eat, we might ask you to bring the food.) As our fiends were getting ready to leave they asked us if we would like to keep the cake or if they should take it. After we insisted they go ahead and take it with them (to rid ourselves of the temptation of having it around) we went into the kitchen and found Mallie hard at work. They took the cake anyway. Such gracious guests!


  1. Oooh.. I get to leave the first comment! I'm so proud...!!

    I LOVE the tulips, by the way. They are all over the place here, and I can't say I've ever seen them so much in South Carolina. They are gorgeous. Your pictures make me think it might actually be spring!! And as for Mallie, she's only doing what the rest of us WANT to do...

  2. Holy cow, I can't believe that's your sweet little girl that was born just over a year ago! She's so big. I guess the same thing is happening to Sam (the getting big), but it's more shocking when it's a baby you haven't seen for awhile.
    Very pretty flowers too; happy spring!

  3. a post or me?!? I'm a friend you still have. Your flowers are gorgeous, and so is your baby girl.

  4. I like how you used the word "fiends" intentionally. Subtle, but appropriate.

  5. Wow, Mallie looks so much older now!

  6. Wow, your little girl has grown so big! I didnt even recognize her. I hope your doing great, and your house and flowers are beutiful, way to go!

  7. The flowers look great & Can you blame Mallie? If I knew they were taking a yummy chocolate cake away, I would do the same thing!

  8. Your yard is so beautiful! I'm so jealous of anyone who has a yard. Or has springtime. Mallie is adorable. I love her little hairstyle, too... we use that one around here on a daily basis. I'm glad you're posting again!


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