Saturday, January 17, 2009


So Friday morning I went to Big MAMA's Antique Sales and Restorations in Shreveport, LA. The owner, Ray, a southern gentleman at its finest, had posted some lawn and garden goods on craigslist under the free section. Hence, the truck load. I plan on using a great deal of these items for flower pots and planters in the back yard. My favorite find, the butter churn, however, will not be used as a planter, but as home decor instead. Ray, you are awsome. I hope your sale next week blesses you tremendously!


  1. That's so awesome! Good for you! I am so jealous that you have an entire backyard to plant things in. I think we're going to do the tiny garden plot thing this year, though. I've been daydreaming about it ever since I looked at those gardening books at your house while I was watching Mallie.

    I seriously miss you too. Geoff and I are planning a trip to come see you. (And perhaps move in with you.) It's funny that you asked if our apartment reminded me of yours, because that's the first thing we said when we saw it! Geoff was like, "Let's make it fun like Julie's house." And every time we think about moving things around, we say things like, "Well, how did Julie have it?" Your apartment was the type and shadow for ours. You need to move back and make strange concoctions of lentils for us, and then our kitchen will feel complete.

  2. What a great post. I can understand perfectly. I am loving Louisiana and all the wonderful "SOUTHERN" people here. They are the true treasures. I'm going to do another "louisiana funny signs post soon". I'll let you know when to take a peek.

  3. Hello Julie i want to say you are indeed welcome what a wonderful Christmas gift to be online and see that i have touched someone's life in giving...... Be Blessed looking forward to seeing you and your wonderful family again....

    Ray/owner Big Mama's Antiques Shop


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