Friday, January 2, 2009

the book is always better

So we finished reading the Tale of Despereaux this morning and Niel, the children and I all went to the earliest matinee. There we were. The long anticipated moment: huge popcorn tub in lap, soda enough to use as a serious doorstop, and a candy necklace around the dear children's throats. And they had well earned it. They sat every evening since Christmas day and listened to their mother read 275 pages of a virtuously pictureless novel. I had read a few reviews before we went and they were fair: B, B- (and even a 'D', but I was the sure the critic on that one was not privy to the fact it was a children's movie, and not a social commentary.) Come on, how can you give a kids show a 'D'? Well, there was The Land Before Time 1, 2, 3......and 17, but that is another blog entry all together. Back to the point at hand. The movie was alright. I won't spoil it for anyone out there with a strong desire to go, I'll just say this, the book was better. The book IS ALWAYS better.


  1. Personally, I didn't like the movie. It was way too violent and dark for my kids. They were scared the whole time. Disappointing for a G rated film.

  2. My mom also said the book was really good, so I've added it to my to-read pile. That's too bad about the movie, but it really is true that the book is always better. A book can be a lot more subtle, and can provide a lot more depth in just a few words than a movie can in an entire scene.

    P.S. Did you put your weather forecast on there just to spite me?

    P.P.S. If I could come visit right now, I totally would. And not just for your weather.

  3. We always read the book first! I think it strengthens their imagination. Plus, I like when we get out of the theater and my little guy tells me, "It was good, but I like the book more."


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