Monday, August 4, 2008

the prize

So I am sitting here drinking WHOLE chocolate milk while all three children are napping, and I am thinking that life is pretty good. I am also thinking "What in the world should the prize be!?" So I was going to say that everyone who commented on our "little" backyard friend could split the calories I am currently ingesting between themselves, but that would likely discourage further friendly commenting. Geoff, your comment was particularly touching. (You know, whenever you want to leave your "comment", I will know exactly what it is meant to say. Good work.)
Francesca, Geoff, AL, Merinda, and Marci, your prizes are in the mail.

This is a picture taken from my kitchen door.


  1. Cool tree house! I think I would stay out there all day if I were little again!

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  3. This is in YOUR backyard?! You got to move into a house with this treehouse already in it! That is Sooooo cool! I'll drink some chocolate milk to that! Miss you guys!

  4. What a nice back yard! It's a shame I could never make it to the tree house :)
    I think I'll go make some chocolate milk.

  5. NICE!! I love the backyard!! I bet your kids are LOVING that!!
    And wouldn't you know it, I'm drinking chocolate milk right now as I read this!! YUM!

  6. Wow! That looks wonderful! Someday I will have a back yard. Someday.


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