Friday, June 20, 2008

goodbye for a while

I packed up the studio today. (Oh, it's goodbye to the studio for a while, not to you readers. Just thought I'd clarify.)


  1. Julie! I had no idea you were moving. It seems to be in the air...
    I love all the pics of the apartment and the court. Makes me miss it...
    Well, good luck with the move. When do you leave? Keep us updated!

  2. Hey Julie, Wow! I can't believe I found you on here. How have you been? I had no idea that you painted. I saw the pics on your slide show and they are awesome. You have a really good talent. How do you like it since you moved away from Columbia? We have moved to Texas and have been here the last 2 years, but we are about to move to Kansas pretty soon. I hope things are going good.

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  4. Tis sad to see your empty apartment. But I guess we all move on eh? Well, some of us do....


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