Friday, May 16, 2008

something fresh

Yes, this is still the blogsite of Julie Crews. I needed a little change. No, not a micro-hair cut (though I am going in for a bang trim in the morning.) A blog freshening. I figure I am not painting a whole lot these days, as I cannot seem to get my head out of moving to Louisiana, so I may as well talk about that and anything else that pops up. ( I am still collecting backyard pictures, but the painting is going to have to wait a bit.)
Wow! I don't know ANYONE in Louisiana.


  1. love the mirror photo. you look like the sweet country girl that you are. i also like the backyard project. i don't have a backyard. there is an apartment complex behind me...(they paved paradise, put up a parking lot!) I'm interested to see how it turns out! t'will be good!

  2. Louisiana?!? HOT Diggity. I know a gnarled toy-filled unmown backyard with two charcoal grills, a rundown "shed" and a sort of picnic table. I just haven't been able to 1- remember to tell my friend I'm coming at that hour and 2- get out of bed. I might know another very nice backyard... lived in also. My balcony... well, 6:30 has to happen I guess.


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