Tuesday, May 13, 2008

backyards at 6 a.m.

So I got this idea while putting my little girl to bed tonight. I am going to do a large series of paintings: backyards at 6 a.m. If you would like to contribute a photo of your backyard taken at that early hour of the morn, you will benefit greatly. You will get a really good feeling, and many, many good things will happen to you. Ummmm, and everything will taste good to you, especially if you are dieting right now.
If I don't get the response I am hoping for, I will resort to paying people, understand though, that this will cancel out those wonderful benefits of generosity.


  1. I would participate, if only I had a backyard. :) Maybe my mom would like to participate. She gets up that early (unlike me) and has a lovely backyard.

  2. I don't need lovely backyards. Take a pic of your fire hydrant, the back alley, your front steps, the parking lot...

  3. I would send you a photo of my backyard, but since we have more or less the same backyard, I'm sure you could easily capture the same picture yourself. That's a really cool idea, though. Maybe you could get a photo of those two little plastic houses out in the court at 6:00 a.m., looking desperate and eerie with no one playing in them.


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