Thursday, April 17, 2008

some matters of sketch

Here are some sketches out of my big drawing pad (thank you shopping spree.) I have been doing well with the goal I set at the beginning of the year to draw more. I am found much more often with my sketch book (and camera) and that has been so helpful. Shawna, you asked me about the paper in the sketchbook where I did the Moab watercolor. It's just regular manilla colored paper but the water didn't seem to bead it up too much, and there was a surprising little amount of wrinkling. Nothing you'd want to do anything permantent on for sure, but it seems to do well for color comps. You can find it at Barnes and Noble. It is 6" x 8" (I am not sure about other sizes). ISBN-13: 9780641596209


  1. Julie's blog fan here! Thanks for the info on the sketchbook. I'm thinking maybe I will follow your example and try some guache sketches (those work a little more like acrylics).

    Your sketches look really nice. And you said you couldn't draw! ;P

  2. Gouache is so nice in that you can re-work it. I would love to see some when you get there. (hmmm. Maybe I will follow your example of my example...don't be surprised if you find a little gouache sketch here next time.)

  3. Julie I think your drawings look awesome. I really like them. Keep it up.

  4. hey, nice...I'm glad you are posting these for us to see...

  5. Hey Julie!

    This is Camille Rogers who used to live up at the village! I love to see your artwork! how fun! Do you have a blog that shows more picture of your family?

    Take Care,


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