Sunday, March 23, 2008

shopping, finally

I have been needing to replenish quite a few supplies here lately but just couldn't seem to get to my favorite local art store, UTRECHT. Saturday though, I made a dash for make-up, no last look in the mirror, and no kids! I had one hour, so I left without a care for appearance, and then like a dodo, asked the checkout girl to help me document the fact that I had finally made it to the store. No shame though, I have certainly looked worse.

Last week I attended the Forum on Children's Literaure and I met husband and wife team writer Sarah Stewart and illustrator David Small. Sarah and I traded precious belongings for this picture.


  1. Hey Julie, looks like you had fun at the art store. I think I'll have to tell you all about the painting a day experience at our next critique. I hope you can make it.

  2. congrats!! moms always need a break, and what better way than to shop! you and i know that best. ;)
    thanks for commenting. i've been wanting to read your blog. it's great! hope you're having a great day!

  3. Cool pic with the author/illustrator team....wish I coulda been there!

  4. I didn't know you have a blog! That is a beautiful picture of you on the side of your blog. I'm glad you are living your dreams of being an artist and not allowing motherhood to hold you back!
    Love ya girl!

  5. It was great to meet you!

  6. Julie! This is Lauren Heal! I found you throuh the Reeders page.
    I had no idea you were an artist. Wow, where was I!?!? Your work is beautiful!
    Keep us updated!
    PS - Here's our blog:

  7. julie, you crack me up. i'm glad the art store holds such magic for you, and i love how tenderly you're holding the little stuffed toy. cute, you are.


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