Sunday, March 23, 2008

shopping, finally

I have been needing to replenish quite a few supplies here lately but just couldn't seem to get to my favorite local art store, UTRECHT. Saturday though, I made a dash for make-up, no last look in the mirror, and no kids! I had one hour, so I left without a care for appearance, and then like a dodo, asked the checkout girl to help me document the fact that I had finally made it to the store. No shame though, I have certainly looked worse.

Last week I attended the Forum on Children's Literaure and I met husband and wife team writer Sarah Stewart and illustrator David Small. Sarah and I traded precious belongings for this picture.

a great success

Here are 13 of the 16 paintings I have up in the show. The sizes are not representative here, but it gives you an idea of the images. The three not included still need to be photographed.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

it has been a while

The show is up and Wendy White, the librarian supervising it, did a wonderful job. (I saw it for the first time yesterday morning.) The reception is tomorrow night and all anxiety-ridden dreams aside, I am excited. It will be so good to share what I have been working on with good friends and hopefully a handful of strangers.
So, the next post here will be photos and etc. from the show.