Saturday, February 16, 2008

beloved backyard

My very good friends, Jeffrey and Kathleen Nye, have inspired (in a roundabout way) this next painting. I was visiting them over Christmas and they showed me a georgeous gift that Jeffrey's brother had built them: a picure frame. Of course this cought my attention, as I have gotten into the backwards habit of making paintings for the frames and not buying frames for the paintings. They have loaned me that frame for the show, and I painted this to go in it. Since then I have customed ordered a few more frames from Jeffrey's brother. They will go on paintings I have actually already finished (with no frame to put them in--rare.)

About this painting: I grew up here. Candler, North Carolina. This is the side back yard of the house where my grandfather and great aunts were born. They were raised here, my father was raised here, and until I was eight, my brother and sisters were raised here too. My oldest sister Katie, lives there now, raising her children and husband.
Oil on paper. 14" x 16"


  1. WOW! You have been busy! incredible, that painting was just a twinkle in your eye last week when I saw you! congratulations!

  2. Since you shall never tire of my comments, here's my comment for the day. Nice atmospheric perspective!

  3. This it great. I am so excited for your show. (I might have said that before but it is still true)

  4. You've been tagged:

    I know. You're so excited. You may think this is totally dumb, but if you want to do this, it's a fun way for us to get to know some things about you that we didn't know. So if you have time (which you probably don't), list 5 random things about your self. You can even do sketches to go along with them! Tag 5 people in return (if you should feel so inclined).

  5. Your blog is filled with beauty!

  6. i love all your work! the kind of painting technique that i wish i can do.


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