Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January is almost out

Emily, this is mostly for you. I have been waiting for the incessant snow to stop falling long enough to take this painting outside and take some shots of it. And as the sun happened to crack through for about 10 minutes before it set this evening, voila. This is an oil on luan mahogany 28"x28". I love a square format, it forces design scrutiny.


  1. thanks julie. I love it. such attention to detail. it's a great piece.

  2. Beautiful, Julie. I especially love the copper metal. BTW, thanks so much for coming to my show tonight. It really meant a lot!:)

  3. I still really like the background of this painting. I really like the design too. You are right about the design scrutiny with this format. Good job.
    I just have one suggestion (your going to hate me) I think the tags a long the bottom draw too much attention to themselves. I think if you made the value on them a little darker that might help but I am not sure. Maybe try somethings. (Don't get rid of them though I really like them)

  4. beautiful painting! I found your site through Manelle's.

  5. Julie, that picture is beautiful! I can even see the dent in the pan(?) on the top shelf. I like it much better than when I saw it in November . . . You are truly amazing! Mom


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